Take a look at this potentially explosive Breakout Pattern [Volatility Squeeze] on TGT.

Video TGT: Volatility Squeeze Breakout Pattern & How to Trade it? [Up & Down]

I always want to keep a watch list of potential breakout trades for both long and short trade set-ups.

Take a look [ROKU, EDU, RTN, DLTR, URBN, DECK]

Video: Potential Breakouts [Up & Down]

We went looking for some very low defined risk but high reward trade set-ups today, during our weekly member’s Q&A, and this is one that has great potential. Potential for a 4.5 to 1 positive reward to risk…

Take a look…

Video: Low Defined Risk – High Reward Option Setup [Potential 450% ROC]

With all the trade war jitters it’s a good plan to take a more balanced trading approach.

Have a trade list of selective longs and shorts…

Here’s an example:

Video: Long & Short Set-ups [EA & CCL]

The S&P 500 is sitting at a major support level and here’s an option trade structure with ZERO Risk & a High Reward…

Video: Zero Risk High Reward Option Trade [SPY]

HD is in a consolidation – Bull Flag pattern. This coiling pattern offers a potential for an upside breakout.

Here’s a Low Risk – High Reward way to play it…

Video: Breakout Potential [HD]

It’s always important to keep a fresh trading watch list of potential breakout trades [long & short].

Take a look at these….

Video: [Trading Watch List] Longs & Shorts

SPY broke out above a key price level today at $275.

Here is a high reward low risk option strategy to play an upside move.

Video: Option Butterfly Target Trade [SPY]