Video: Call Condor NVDA[Revisited]


I have been using Seasonality Trends in my trading for many years going all the way back to my days of running a big, international commodities, trading desk. These Seasonal Trends were a big part of my trading plan and they still are. With good seasonality statistics you can plan your trades and stay ahead of big market making moves. Positioning your trades on the correct side of a major move before it happens. Take a look at this Seasonal short trade set-up on SPY…. . .

Why & How to Use Seasonality Trends [S&P Short Trade]

There are a number of Income Option Strategies and this video will cover a Calendar Spread on SPX. .

Video: Calendar Spread [Income Option Strategy]

Momentum Break-Outs are my favorite directional trading set-up. Check out this Volatility Squeeze Pattern on WBA. Coiling and ready to pop… .

Video: Coiling & Ready to Breakout [Volatility Squeeze WBA]

I love to trade Momentum Break-Outs and one major component of all successful trades and especially a breakout is being able to identify this pattern before the breakout. These are patterns that offer fast and powerful price moves which are perfect for Options and especially Weekly Options that are cheap…. .

Video: Scanning for Volatility Compression Break-Outs

Trading is all about (1) direction and (2) managing your risk. Here is a Low Risk-High Reward options trade set-up on AAPL. .

Video: AAPL Breakout & Option Strategy Used

Another big spike lower and then a rebound.
How do you trade this crazy market?
Short duration trades and options….

Video: What’s Working In This High Volatility Market

I always keep a watch list of potential breakout trades for both long and short trade set-ups.
Here are two that just triggered today and the trading process used.

Video:Volatility Breakouts [Up AMGN & Down TSN]

Here are 2 major steps used for identifying an oil market bottom.

Video: How to Spot An Oil Market Bottom

Volatility is back in the oil markets which creates more trading risk when just trading price direction un-hedged.

A better way to trade a new trend shift, when volatility spikes, is through spreads.

Take a look at this Gasoline to Crude Spread…

Video: An Easier Way to Trend Trade the Markets [Crack Spreads]

The most powerful trade set-ups are based on breakout patterns, take a look….

Video: Scanning For Stock Breakouts [MDLZ, LLY, ETSY]

SWKS is breaking a major support area and offers a potential for a nice downside move.

Here’s a Low Risk – High Reward way to play it…

Video: Breakout Option Trade [SWKS]

This trading strategy is designed to allow you to profit whether the market you trade goes up, down or sideways…

Video: No Other Trading Strategy Can Do This?

Trading is all about direction & managing your risk and in this video I’ll share 3 directional option trade strategies on BBY.

Video BBY: 3 Directional Option Strategies to Know

One of my favorite trade setup is the High-Low Opening Range Breakout.

With the right indicators this trade setup is easy to identify and trade. It is also very powerful and works with Stocks, ETFs, Futures and FOREX.

For Day Trading I will use multiple time frames but the 5 minute time interval is very important.

Take a look….

Video AAPL: Trading a 5 Minute Opening Range Breakout

Take a look at this potentially explosive Breakout Pattern [Volatility Squeeze] on TGT.

Video TGT: Volatility Squeeze Breakout Pattern & How to Trade it? [Up & Down]

I always want to keep a watch list of potential breakout trades for both long and short trade set-ups.

Take a look [ROKU, EDU, RTN, DLTR, URBN, DECK]

Video: Potential Breakouts [Up & Down]

We went looking for some very low defined risk but high reward trade set-ups today, during our weekly member’s Q&A, and this is one that has great potential. Potential for a 4.5 to 1 positive reward to risk…

Take a look…

Video: Low Defined Risk – High Reward Option Setup [Potential 450% ROC]

With all the trade war jitters it’s a good plan to take a more balanced trading approach.

Have a trade list of selective longs and shorts…

Here’s an example:

Video: Long & Short Set-ups [EA & CCL]

The S&P 500 is sitting at a major support level and here’s an option trade structure with ZERO Risk & a High Reward…

Video: Zero Risk High Reward Option Trade [SPY]

HD is in a consolidation – Bull Flag pattern. This coiling pattern offers a potential for an upside breakout.

Here’s a Low Risk – High Reward way to play it…

Video: Breakout Potential [HD]

It’s always important to keep a fresh trading watch list of potential breakout trades [long & short].

Take a look at these….

Video: [Trading Watch List] Longs & Shorts

SPY broke out above a key price level today at $275.

Here is a high reward low risk option strategy to play an upside move.

Video: Option Butterfly Target Trade [SPY]