Trading Room / Trading Club Frequently Asked Questions

Will all trades be closed out the same day

While the goal is to close out all trades the same day, some may be converted to option spreads for short term swing trades. Larry will always let you know if the trade qualifies for this.

Am I currently enrolled in a subscription?

You may view this information on your personal PCT Account, please click on the left hand side “my account “ and scroll down to “subscriptions”.

Please note: If you have received a free trial, this is not a subscription until after the 30 days (if not cancelled before the 30 days) this will show in the “invoices” section of your personal PCT Account along with the start date of your Free Trial.  A Subscription will only start after 30 days of this date.

How Do I Access My Free Trial

You should have received an email from our support team for an order form applying the 30-day free trial.  If you are a first time Trading Club User and not received this form, please contact us.

I enrolled in the Trading Club Trial but I don’t show I have Subscriptions under my Personal PCT Account

Your Free Trial to the Trading Club will not be classified as a subscription until after the 30 days.  (unless canceled) . Free Trial Users will have access to the Full Trading club Membership (Trading Club, Trading Room, Daily After Market, Member Discounts, Traders Education Vault) if you do not find these subpages under the Trading Club Tab, first make sure you fill out the Free Trial Order form, if you have completed this form (you will receive this via email after purchase if you are a first time user) and do not show the Tabs you may have to contact the support team.

I just subscribed to the service, but I don’t know my account number.

We do not assign account numbers to our members. Your Username, Email and Password are used to identify you in our system. An account number is not needed to login to the Members Area.

What if I miss a day in the Trading Room?

Please refer to the tab “Daily After Market” to find all Larry’s Nightly Videos.

I have Trading Club Credits, how do I use these for an upcoming order.

Please email us before placing any order using your Trading Club Credits as we will have to manually place this order for you in order to receive your Club Credits discounted rate.

If I cancel my Trading Club Membership will I lose access to my account and not be able to use my courses?

No, you will only use the tabs associated with the Trading Club, these tabs will be marked “Trading Room”, “Trading Club” & “Daily After Market”.