Product Tools FAQ

How to Install Indicators or Scanner Files

All Indicators and Scanner will include Installation Instructions in both Video and Written Form on each Indicator/Scanner Page

How to Use the Indicators or Product Tools

If you do not find the Video on the Product Tools Page, please locate the Sub-Menu under your Product Tools Tab called “PCT Manual” this will show you how to use any indicator.

I purchased the indicators and cannot open the file to download

You will not be able to open the file. When you click the button to download – if it asks you to save or save as – save into your desktop to easily find the file. In Chrome it may show as a download and automatically save to your “downloads file”. This file will not open, any attempt will give you the error message you received. If you see the instructions will show you will “import” this file. Please refer to the instructions located on your personal PCT Account to finish your installation.