Private Power Start Program

Larry is able to consult with a few clients, corporate or individual, based on availability. All sessions are done privately in his virtual trading room.

The Power Start Program is only for those individuals who are ready to change their trading results quickly and powerfully. Spend one full day during market hours in Larry’s Private Virtual Trading Room exclusively with Larry from 9:15 to 4 Eastern, where you’ll:

  • Receive Advanced Application of the PCT Model in Live Market for different markets, including stocks, commodities, futures, FOREX, ETFs, and more
  • Ask questions and get answers and instructions from Larry personally
  • Receive Advanced Risk Management and Market Psychology Principles
  • Receive Personalized Guidance with PCT Model Brokerage Setup
  • All 4 Power Cycle Trading Courses for Day Trading, Options and Futures ($2,241 Value)
  • Options Trading Made Simple Course ($150 Value)
  • 6 Month Membership in Options on the Open Virtual Trading Room ($882 Value)
  • 6 Month Membership in Daily Market Outlook Program ($582 Value)

I am ready to start working with Larry to improve my trading results now!

Transactions are handled by InfusionSoft. You can pay either with your Credit/Debit card, all major credit cards are accepted.