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Our options trading webinars include: Current market cycles and activity Timely day trading and swing trading ideas Interactive Open Q&A with trading veteran Larry Gaines  

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How to Trade High Return Low Risk Option Butterfly Strategies

The Option Butterfly Spread is one of the best, if not the very best, option trading strategies. Yet this dynamic trading structure is little used by option traders. What if you had a strategy to turn around losing trades…and maybe even turns them into winners? And what if that same strategy took advantage of time decay AND volatility collapse more so than any other method? It would be worth your time to learn it, right? Here’s your opportunity…

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An Earnings Game Plan  

Low Risk High Return Option Plays

Trading earnings provides great opportunity for the prepared traders that have the knowledge and skills to jump on these opportunistic trades. If you would you like to learn how to profit from any Earning Season along with some easy to use option trading strategies that are constructed to capture profits no matter what those crazy earnings reactions are. In this webinar you'll learn how to trade earnings using weekly option strategies. 

Swing Trading Workshop

Get prepared to trade what is happening in the markets! Options and spreads are mandatory with the correct price direction and timing strategies to control your risk. Discover a unique directional trading technique specifically for highly volatile markets like we have right now. CLICK BELOW now to get notified for How to Trade Market Swings Up or Down.

Selling Options for Income, Profits & Opportunistic Hedge Trading Success

This webinar is for traders or investors who have been seeking Trading Strategies that can generate more consistent profits through Option Selling Strategies that are designed to provide a higher probability of winning. Plus, you'll learn how to use these option strategies for hedging your trading risk during times of market uncertainty.  

How to Trade Seasonality Cycles & Trends

Seasonality Trends when paired with sophisticated technical trading indicators creates huge Trend Trading opportunities that can literally make your trading year. So, whether you trade [stocks, commodity futures or commodity spreads] the odds are that seasonal tendencies will be one of your best and most consistent trading tools you can use in the never-ending quest for trading profits. I’ll share what I’ve learned from the many years of using seasonality statistics and trends to gain a major trading advantage.

How to Trade Options for Income, Profits and Hedging 

Successful traders have learned (usually the hard and painful way!) that risk management is just as important as taking profits. If you don’t know how to QUICKLY HEDGE your positions, in the cheapest way, your trading is just an accident waiting to happen… but even more important you’ll learn how to use Opportunistic HEDGE Trading Management in your trading…

How to Trade Calendar Spreads

I’ll show you how to use these unique Option Selling Strategies that take advantage of time and volatility to generate income and to buy options at a discount while collecting rent on the underlying security. While showing you the trading benefits and advantages of some of the best option income strategies, so you can get a feel for which strategy may suite you best…  

Options Trading for Beginners

You’ve probably heard that options are risky, right? The thing is…OPTIONS ARE RISKY… for those who don’t know the basics of how they work. That means you HAVE to know these few basics of options, especially Larry’s “firewalking method”, to reduce your risk AND make money with them… The good news is that the basics are also pretty simple, so you’ll get the simplicity of using options in this webinar, plus you’ll learn Larry’s own favorite option strategies specifically for the beginner.

"I find your teaching method to work really well for me as I am also a visual learner and you explain things In a really clear way that I am able to follow. I am looking forward to next years trading implementing your tools and teaching.  

Thanks so much for all you do!!

"Just writing in to give kudos to Larry. I’ve been trading the markets since 1981. I know quite a bit about the markets but I don’t know it all. I find Larry’s presentations to be informative and educational. There are a ton of webinars/educators on line. Some of the presentations border on fraud. But when I come across someone who is sincere they are worth their weight in gold. Or in Larry’s case… oil. All the best."

"This is the fourth live course I have taken from you and I continue to be impressed with all the patience you exhibit when asked any question from the simplest to the most complicated. You always have excellent chart and trading examples of the material you are teaching. That has helped my learning the subject matter a great deal..."

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