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And options are NOT just for traders. That’s why most wealth managers use options to both enhance returns and protect their client’s investments.

Here’s the cool thing about options…

Not only can they be actively traded, they can also be used passively to protect a stock position or even earn income from your stocks.

This is just one of the many top strategies for everyday investors that you are going to learn in this Home Study Boot Camp for Beginners – How to Use Options.

“Today I made six option trades in Apple…5wins and I small loss for a total net profit of $230 per contract.  Your indicators guided me through each of these trades.  There is no way I would have even thought about trading options in Apple prior to buying your course.”  ~Bill

The versatility of options means that they offer something for every investor or trader. And if you’re not taking advantage of them, then you’re probably leaving money on the table every single month.

You’ve probably heard that options are risky, right?


for those who don’t know the basics of how they work. That means you HAVE to know these few basics of options, especially Larry’s “fire walking method”, to reduce your risk AND make money with them…

The good news is that the basics are also pretty simple, so you’ll get the simplicity of using options in this Boot Camp for Option Beginners from a veteran option trader. Plus you’ll learn Larry’s own favorite option strategies in this easy to understand option training course designed specifically for the beginner.

There will be something for everyone who is not yet familiar with the basics of options in this program.

This Home Study Course Is Perfect for Investors or Traders Who:
✱ Want to earn more money with less capital at risk
✱ Are tired of the huge capital requirements from stock ownership
✱ Are ready to earn income from stocks they own
✱ Realize their current investment strategies aren’t going to sustain their lifestyle
✱ Know that there’s a better way to earn investment capital but haven’t yet had the time to learn

This Boot Camp for Beginners on How to Use Options is a comprehensive and easy to understand training course on options with simple to use option strategies that are perfect for the beginner option investor or trader. Here are just a few of the subjects covered:

  • Developing a Trading Plan
  • Basics of Options
  • How options work as a stock substitute
  • Types of Options ~ Monthly, Weekly, LEAPS
  • Option Accounts & Trading Levels
  • What is Time Value or Time Decay
  • How to Capitalize on Time Decay
  • What is implied Volatility & how is it used
  • What is Option Delta & how is it used
  • How options are priced
  • Intrinsic/Extrinsic Value of an option
  • Factors affecting the time value of an option
  • In the Money (ITM), Out of the Money (OTM), At the Money (ATM)
  • Option strategies to lower risk
  • How to use Covered Calls
  • How to use the Vertical Option Spread
  • Imperative steps for perfect order execution
  • Bonus Option Strategy ~ Calendar Call Spread
  • How to capitalize on simple technical analysis
  • Trading Time Frames
  • Momentum Break-out Indicator & how to use with options
  • Using Support & Resistance & charting tools to use
  • Trade Target Analysis
  • Advantages of Weekly Options
  • Option Trading & Investing Example
  • The Lotto Day Trade
  • Trade Examples of Option Leverage at a Low Cost (Google, Apple & Others)
  • Free Stock Screening Resource
  • And more…

The entire Boot Camp for The Option Beginner Home Study package includes:

  • Videos of the entire Boot Camp (about 4 Hours!)
  • PowerPoint that accompanies the Boot Camp
  • Videos of Trading Covered Calls
  • PowerPoint that accompanies the Covered Calls Video

You can have all of this valuable option trading information at your fingertips within minutes, so don’t delay any longer and order now!

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Trading profits and results vary among individual traders. There are zero guarantees of similar results.