Some of the biggest and quickest profit from oil trading comes from trading spreads and my favorite, the crack spread.

This is basically a pair’s trade between an oil product such as gasoline and crude oil.
Take a look…

Video: Another Way to Trade the Oil Markets ~ Crack Spreads


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How to Trade the Energy Markets Using Spreads & More

Here is just some of what I’ll cover:

 Current Fundamental & Technical Review of the Oil Market & Where
it’s Headed
 Global Oil Fundamentals
 How to Identify & Time Entries into an Oil Cycle on Crude, Gasoline &
Heating Oil
 How to Use Oil Con-tango to Your Trading Advantage
 What is an Oil Crack Spread & How You Can to Profit From Them
 How to Trade Energy Front to Back Timing Spreads
 How to Trade a Gasoline to Heating Oil Spread
 What is an MLP & How to Invest & Trade Them
And much more…

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