Earnings season unofficially kicks off next week and here is a Pre-Earnings  Trend Trade Set-up on NFLX using a pairs trade strategy. Pair trading is a strategy that helps reduce overnight risk.

Video: Pre Earnings Pairs Trade NFLX


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Here is a preview of what will be covered:

  • An in-depth market review
  • Why & how earnings announcements offer a quarterly opportunity you don’t want to miss
  • How to plan around an earning season each quarter so you’re not caught napping
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake traders make around earnings
  • A simple way to know which option strategy to trade around earnings
  • How to “Find” Volatility and Use It to Your Advantage with Weekly Options
  • The Best Stocks for an Earnings Trade
  • A Screening Process to Find the Most Probable Winners
  • The Best Trading Tool for Earnings
  • A Vital Stock Trading Check List
  • Favorite earnings, non-directional, weekly option strategy
  • Pre & Post Earnings trend trade strategy
  • “Ninja” Earnings Strategy

And More….

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